One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training

Are you connecting with your listeners so they’re motivated to learn more about you and take action?

Strong, polished speaking skills will catapult your career and support your company’s growth whether presenting to one person or a group.

Our goal is to transform the abilities of professionals (attorneys, CPAs), business owners and sales/marketing executives, health professionals and others.

Speaking with power is critical when you:

  • Meet with staff, clients or prospects
  • Pitch new business
  • Deliver a networking elevator speech or spotlight profile
  • Present educational programs


We take those who tremble at the thought of public speaking from stage fright to the spotlight in a safe, comfortable environment. Knowing the right techniques yields confidence and growth.

Seiden Communications training programs include how to:


  • Craft compelling, memorable messages
  • Structure engaging presentations for various audiences
  • Use body language effectively to support the message and promote your personal brand
  • Develop vocal variety so you can motivate and persuade
  • Use public speaking as a marketing tool
  • Overcome fear of presenting to groups


By incorporating a variety of theatrical and singing exercises, we make the experience fun and help learning stick. With each session, our clients will receive articles and valuable tips, and are videotaped for constructive feedback.