Corporate Training and Coaching

Corporate Training and Coaching

Is your staff communicating competently?

Gain a competitive edge when partners, emerging leaders and employees present powerfully. It’s critical to speak with confidence and impact to:

  • Attract clients and build the bottom line
  • Communicate the company value and brand
  • Present to varied audiences with ease and impact
  • Develop productive networking relationships
  • Improve the results of media interviews


Our Speaking and Presentation Skills Programs Offer…

A variety of customized group and one-on-one training/coaching sessions. They are based on research and analysis of the specific needs of the corporation and employees.

During the programs, you will learn to bring your content and delivery to a higher level.

Onsite workshops may be: two hours, half day, full day or two days. Follow up training for optimal results can be arranged.

In addition to live sessions, training can be done with video meetings or by phone.  


Industries we serve include:

  • Professional Practices – Law and Accounting
  • Health Care
  • Senior Organizations
  • Real Estate – Architecture, Interior Design
  • Technology
  • Nonprofit ….and others

For those who want to supply a videotape of their presentation, we will provide a written evaluation and feedback of speaker strengths and areas for improvement.  


Sampling of Corporate Workshops

Power Up Your Presentation Skills

For experienced executives and those new to business. Includes training for creating higher level content and stronger delivery.

Learn how to craft compelling messages and present with confidence.

Grow Your Business With Public Speaking

Book speaking engagements, turn attendees into clients, and get publicity for added visibility. Develop appealing topics for your target market, structure a clear and engaging presentation.

Persuasive Speaking to Motivate and Inspire

Learn to build rapport, create trust with authentic delivery, use storytelling as evidence and powerful language that sells.

Corporate Storytelling to Build Your Brand

Develop the skill of storytelling to influence, attract attention and connect with clients. Select, craft and deliver engaging stories to one person or a group.

Harness the Power of Your Voice

Having a clear, strong colorful voice can make the difference in how you’re perceived in person, video, phone or on a webinar. Learn how to change your pitch, tone, pacing and volume to attract an audience of one or 1,000. Learn how to speak with passion and power.

Mastering the Art of Business Networking

Networking is the best way to build relationships and attract clients. Yet many people avoid it or try it without success.

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Lift Your Elevator Speech to a Higher Level

Create and practice delivering a 30 second positioning statement (elevator speech) using a proprietary template. Learn how to craft a longer networking spotlight.

Media Interviews That Get Results

Learn the do’s and dont’s of print and broadcast interviews. Prepare memorable messages for print, radio and television. Master the interview by speaking in sound bites, verbally painting visual pictures, answering questions clearly and being aware of body language.

Do It Yourself Publicity

Find out the recipe for success to pitch stories to the press, develop lasting relationships and get continuous placements.

Develop Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

It’s not about you – it’s about them.

This workshop will include how to:

– Prepare purposeful messages, make a favorable first impression, use powerful body language and vocal variety

– Understand and identify the communication styles of colleagues, clients, supervisors

– Become a chameleon communicator – adapt your style to theirs

Building Successful Client Relationships

This program is designed to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and build ongoing relationships based on trust, credibility and understanding.

Some of the topics will include: active listening, conflict resolution strategies to handle difficult situations, telephone communication skills, writing emails that encourage a positive response, and
developing clear messages using effective nonverbal communication.

Communicating for Millennials

Studies show that most Millennials are more comfortable texting rather than speaking face to face. Successful careers and your bottom line depend on their ability to build relationships by speaking effectively.

This workshop will help to improve communication skills when speaking to one person, small or large groups. Participants will learn how to: express ideas clearly and concisely, analyze the audience,
develop good eye contact, and have a conversation with a purpose.

We also have specialists who work with us in such areas as:
accent reduction, business writing, leadership skills, team building and sales negotiations.